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Posted By KSK Law | October 7 2023 | Disability Benefits

TTD Benefits: Navigating Temporary Total Disability

When you sustain a workplace injury, the immediate aftermath is more than just physical pain. Financial strain often follows, especially if you’re unable to work. Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits in Minnesota exist to help mitigate this financial burden, helping bridge any gaps in wages that you may have sustained. Different Types of Disability Benefits…

Posted By KSK Law | December 29 2022 | Disability Benefits, Workers' Comp

Social Security Disability Insurance vs. Workers’ Comp

When you are injured at work, your life can change in an instant. You could spend weeks or even months in recovery. You could develop permanent disabilities that make it difficult to return to your previous position. In some cases, you may become unable to work at all.  If you were injured in a workplace…

Posted By KSK Law | October 31 2022 | Disability Benefits, Long-Term Disability

How Does a Preexisting Injury Affect My LTD Benefits?

Pre-existing conditions affect millions of people across the United States. Conditions like diabetes, heart disease, asthma, or back problems can have a major impact on your physical health and well-being. However, a pre-existing injury can also impact your ability to recover long-term disability (LTD) benefits. Many LTD insurance policies have clauses that limit recovery if…

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