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Posted By KSK Law | April 28 2023 | Workers' Comp

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Mental Health?

When a workplace injury occurs, workers’ compensation insurance can provide critical financial support. Workers’ compensation benefits can help pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and temporary and permanent disability.  We often think of workplace injuries as purely physical, but mental health conditions can arise as well. It is a common misconception that workers’ compensation will…

Posted By KSK Law | April 28 2023 | Long-Term Disability

How Long Do Long-Term Disability Benefits Last?

Disabilities can strike at any moment, leaving you unable to work and facing significant financial challenges. With mounting medical bills, daily living expenses, and the stress of lost wages and benefits, it can feel like a never-ending cycle of hardship. In these moments of uncertainty, long-term disability (LTD) insurance can offer a lifeline, providing the…

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