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How to Ensure Workers’ Comp Covers Future Medical Expenses

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Posted By KSK Law | January 11 2024 | Disability Benefits, Workers' Comp

The aftermath of a workplace injury can be daunting, especially if you suffer permanent damage. You are entitled to workers’ comp benefits under Minnesota law, but can this compensation pay for your future medical care? The answer is yes, but you will need solid evidence to prove your right to these benefits. By leveraging the following avenues, a Minnesota workers’ comp attorney can help ensure that your claim covers future medical expenses.

Analyze Your Medical Records and Speak to Your Doctor

Your recovery and future medical needs hinge significantly on your doctor’s opinion. Based on your past and current treatment, your doctor can provide critical insight into your recovery timeline, including potential challenges and additional medical needs. By consulting with your doctor, your attorney can develop a comprehensive overview of your medical situation. You can leverage this information to ensure that your claim accurately reflects the full scope of your future medical needs and associated expenses.

Consult with Occupational or Physical Therapists

After a workplace injury, you may attend physical or occupational therapy to aid in your medical improvement, to try to regain some function after the injury, or to develop skills and coping mechanisms to adjust to a new way of living. Your therapists will also have insights into your medical condition and recovery prognosis, and your workers’ comp attorney can engage with your therapists to understand the extent and duration of the therapy you will need.

As a result, you can gain a more realistic picture of your post-recovery life, including any long-term care or accommodations that you may require. By factoring in these aspects, you are better equipped to advocate for a fair and comprehensive workers’ comp settlement.

Enlist the Help of Life Care Planners and Other Experts

Life care planners and other medical experts offer an in-depth perspective on your long-term care needs. After assessing your situation, they can help you understand your recovery journey and any future medical requirements. Your attorney can enlist the help of these experts to ensure that every aspect of your future care, from medication to adaptive equipment, is factored into your workers’ compensation claim.

Assess Minnesota’s Standardized Scale for Permanent Injuries

Minnesota has a standardized scale that is used to assess compensation for different types of permanent injuries. This can help you understand whether you should be requesting additional compensation for your award on top of benefits for medical expenses. Your attorney can help you navigate this system, validating that the standard award aligns with the extent of your injuries. In cases where the standardized compensation falls short of addressing your unique needs, your lawyer can advocate for additional benefits so that your medical requirements are fully met.

Recover the Benefits You Deserve—Speak to an Attorney Today

In the wake of a workplace accident, you want to ensure that your future is financially secure. Calculating future medical expenses can be a complex process, but a Minnesota workers’ comp lawyer can conduct the research and enlist the expertise necessary to perform this vital task.

If you’re navigating the aftermath of a workplace injury, don’t hesitate to seek the support that you deserve. Contact a Minneapolis workers’ comp attorney in Minnesota today and learn more about your right to benefits.

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