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Posted By KSK Law | January 25 2024 | Workers' Comp

What Is a Return-to-Work Program?

After a workplace injury, navigating the journey back to employment can be a challenging process. This is where a return-to-work program comes into play, serving as a pivotal tool for employees and employers alike. These programs are designed to facilitate a smoother transition for employees recovering from on-the-job injuries, aiming to reintegrate them into their…

Posted By KSK Law | January 11 2024 | Disability Benefits, Workers' Comp

How to Ensure Workers’ Comp Covers Future Medical Expenses

The aftermath of a workplace injury can be daunting, especially if you suffer permanent damage. You are entitled to workers’ comp benefits under Minnesota law, but can this compensation pay for your future medical care? The answer is yes, but you will need solid evidence to prove your right to these benefits. By leveraging the…

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