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Posted By KSK Law | September 1 2022 | Long-Term Disability

Does Cancer Qualify for Long-Term Disability Benefits?

A cancer diagnosis can disrupt your life. You can experience debilitating symptoms that interfere with your daily activities; these symptoms are caused not only by the illness, but also the intense treatment that you may require. In many cases, you are unable to return to work while battling cancer.  Many Minnesota residents hold long-term disability…

Posted By KSK Law | August 1 2022 | Truck Accidents, Workers' Comp

Common Injuries in the Trucking Industry

Truckers are vulnerable to serious on-the-job injuries. Not only are truck drivers at risk of serious traffic accidents and injuries due to heavy equipment, but they can also experience a wide range of occupational illnesses and diseases.  If you are an injured trucker in Minneapolis, you may be entitled to benefits under your employer’s workers’…

Posted By KSK Law | August 1 2022 | Workers' Comp

How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Minnesota

People who are injured on the job in Minnesota are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Virtually all businesses must provide workers’ compensation coverage to employees, minus certain workers who are exempt from this insurance. Whether you are injured on a construction site or while working in a factory, you deserve benefits if you are hurt…

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