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Did you have a disability insurance policy through Cigna? Are you concerned with how your disability insurance policy was affected when Cigna was acquired by New York Life? If you applied for disability benefits through Cigna or New York Life, and you received a denial, you have the right to file an appeal.

It is not unusual for insurance companies to deny claimants who otherwise meet the criteria requirements. If your disability benefits claim was denied, a dedicated Cigna/New York Life disability denial lawyer at Kemmitt, Sanford & Kramer can help you get your denial overturned. Schedule your free consultation today when you call us at (877) 630-7338.

Is Kemmitt, Sanford & Kramer Right For You

Dealing with your Cigna/New York Life disability denial is challenging enough. Choosing the right attorney should not be. Here is why Kemmitt, Sanford & Kramer is right for you:

  • We work on contingency.
  • We provide free, no-obligation consultations.
  • We take a unique, personalized approach to your legal representation.
  • Our firm offers trusted and reliable client communication.
  • Our team has recovered more than $10 million in denied disability claims.

How We Can Help Fight Your Cigna / New York Life Disability Denial

When New York Life acquired Cigna, many policyholders were unsure of how this would affect their disability policies. Unsurprisingly, many disability insurance policyholders were shocked to discover that their disability insurance policies were no longer in place and had not been transferred to New York Life.

It is not unusual for Cigna or New York Life policyholders to have a hard time accessing the benefits they are entitled to when trying to file a claim. For this reason, you need to be prepared to get an experienced legal advocate on your side who is not afraid to go up against these major insurance providers. If you have received a Cigna/New York Life disability denial, we can help you:

  • Handle any requests for unnecessary tests or procedures
  • Respond to any video surveillance that may have resulted in your disability denial
  • Provide Cigna/New York Life with additional medical records and supporting information
  • Get in contact with the correct Cigna/New York Life representative
  • Deal with any requests for unnecessary information

These are just a few of the more common tactics that Cigna/New York Life and other insurance companies used to avoid paying out on their policyholders claims. Our firm is prepared to help you fight back against wrongful denials and undervalued claims.

We will not let the insurance company get away with taking advantage of you during the exact time when you were relying on them, and more specifically the insurance policy you purchased from them, the most.

Meet With a Cigna / New York Life Disability Denial Attorney Today

When you are struggling to cope physically, emotionally, and financially due to your disability, the last thing you need is to be dealing with a troubling disability denial. When your insurance claim is through Cigna or New York Life, our experienced disability attorneys at Kemmitt, Sanford & Kramer can help you throughout the appeals process.

Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today. You can reach us through our online contact form or by phone at (877) 630-7338 when you are ready to get started on your case.

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