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When you purchase certain types of insurance policies through your employer, and the insurance company denies you the benefits that you are entitled to, you may be able to challenge the denial under the federal statute ERISA. However, claims that fall under ERISA can also be complex.

You may need the legal experience of a St. Paul ERISA attorney at Kemmitt, Sanford & Kramer to help you get the answers and guidance you are looking for. With our firm by your side, you may be able to get the insurance company to see reason and grant you access to the benefits that you are entitled to.

Why Choose Kemmitt, Sanford & Kramer to Represent You?

When you are struggling with a difficult disability and your insurance company is letting you down, selecting the right attorney to represent you is imperative. Here are a few reasons why Kemmitt, Sanford & Kramer is the right law firm for you:

  • You can expect to be in direct contact with your attorney about the status of your case.
  • Our firm always offers free, no-obligation consultations.
  • Our approach to your case will be personalized.
  • We will need to carefully analyze the details of your case in order to determine which strategy is going to produce the most favorable results for you.
  • Our team of experienced litigators have secured more than $10 million in unpaid ERISA benefits.

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

When your employer offers disability insurance plans or other types of retirement pension programs, these plans are typically regulated by a federal law known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Here, if you apply for the benefits that you have purchased, and then the insurance company makes the decision to deny your claim, under ERISA, you have the right to not only file an appeal, but pursue the benefits that you are entitled to in federal court.

How to Get Your St. Paul ERISA Claim Approved

If you hope to get your claim for disability benefits approved, then you may need to work with an experienced attorney to prepare your application. You will want to be sure that you include as much supporting medical documentation as possible, and other relevant evidence that could support your case. Remember, the insurance company has a very low burden of proof when making the decision to deny a disability claim. Even the smallest error can result in a denial.

But even if your application for benefits is filled out completely and accurately, do not be surprised if you receive a denial. The insurance company will lose money by paying out your claim. It is not in their best interest to simply agree to pay out the benefits in your claim. If they can get away with denying your claim, they will. Make sure you have your attorney review your denial in detail to determine which strategy is best for getting your denial overturned.

Contact an ERISA Attorney in St. Paul

When the insurance company is refusing to grant you access to the benefits that are rightfully yours, ERISA allows you the right to pursue an appeal and bring your case to federal court should it become necessary.

Get help figuring out what your next step should be when you contact a dedicated St. Paul ERISA lawyer at Kemmitt, Sanford & Kramer. When you are ready to schedule your no-cost, risk-free consultation, complete our quick contact form or call our office at (877) 630-7338.

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